Central and Eastern European Regional Center of Confucius Institute


We hope that through the establishment of this Centre, we can create a wider and better-established network amongst countries engaged in Chinese education. Participants in the training sessions have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on the methodology of Chinese language teaching, so it is to be expected that a general improvement in teaching standards and quality will occur in Chinese teaching at regional level.

The Centre provides an excellent opportunity for the area’s Chinese language teachers to increase their professional knowledge, also create a forum for exchanging experiences. As a result of the Centre’s work, Hungary playes a leading role in the Chinese language teachers’ training, significantly contributes to develop the Chinese-Hungarian relations and the Middle-European-Chinese relations. As for the next five years, we would like to continue this work, furthermore we plan to expand our activity to the whole Europe. In order to ensure our Centre will have more influence on developing the European-Chinese relations, we offer our training for all European countries’ Chinese language teachers.